LLB Portfolio Analysis FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my mobile device?

Instructions can be found here on how to activate a mobile device.

Can I activate a second mobile device for LLB Portfolio Analysis?

Yes. You can activate up to 20 mobile devices with your activation letter. A detailed description can be found below.

Activate additional device for LLB Österreich Portfolio Analysis

You can activate an additional device only if you already have an activated device in your possession and a valid activation letter. If you no longer have an activated device, please contact your personal client advisor by telephone.

Step 1

Log in at www.llb.at "E-Banking" or via "Login" with your username and your personal password.

Step 2

After logging in successfully, click on "Service" and then on "My apps".


Step 3

Clickt "Activate additional device".

Zusätzliches Gerät

Step 4

Now, on the smartphone or tablet that you want to activate additionally. In the LLB Österreich PhotoTAN app, tap on "Scan activation mosaic" and scan the mosaic in your activation letter. Then follow the instructions. (Further assistance is provided in the "Primary device activation" instructions.)

How current are the account and custody account data?

For accounts, the current account balance is displayed. For custody accounts, the value of the securities is calculated and displayed on the basis of the closing prices of the previous day.

How do I register for LLB Portfolio Analysis?

On our website www.llb.at, click on "Log in" in the E-Banking menu. After you enter your username and password, a mosaic will be displayed on the screen. Scan the displayed mosaic with your PhotoTAN app or reader.

What do I have to pay attention to when using PhotoTAN?

Always check the information displayed in the LLB Österreich PhotoTAN app or on the PhotoTAN reader when logging in. If the information displayed is not correct, cancel the login immediately. In case of irregularities during login, please contact your personal client advisor immediately.

What do I need the PhotoTAN app or reader for?

The PhotoTAN app (or reader) is required for logging in to LLB Portfolio Analysis. This is an innovative security procedure that provides optimal protection for your data. Using the PhotoTAN app, you scan a coloured mosaic with your personal smartphone or tablet activated for that purpose. You will need the PhotoTAN app each time you log in to LLB Portfolio Analysis.

How can I print a page?

Each page displays three dots which can be used to access the "Print" action. A PDF is always prepared which you can then print or save.

What should I do if my username is locked?

Please contact your personal client advisor.

What is the user menu and where can I find it?

The user menu bundles user-related services and can be found under your name at the top right of the page after you log in.

Can I deactivate a previously registered smartphone or tablet that I have lost or sold?

Yes. In LLB Portfolio Analysis, you can manage each device separately under "My apps" in the menu item “Service”.

How do I order a statement of assets?

You can request a statement of assets under "Reports" in menu item "Service". The requested statement of assets is then available in your inbox in a few minutes.

What should I do if I lose my mobile device or if it is stolen?

Please contact your personal client advisor immediately.

Are historical data being migrated?

Account and custody account postings prior to 2020 are not being migrated and can be retrieved only using TIPAS. Performance and key indicator data will be migrated to the new LLB Portfolio Analysis.

I don't have a smartphone or tablet. Can I still use LLB Portfolio Analysis?

Yes. There is a photoTAN reader for users who do not have a smartphone or tablet. You can order one from your client advisor.

Where do I find my documents?

You will find your documents under "My documents" in the menu item "Service".

Where do I find my messages?

You will find your messages under "My messages" in the menu item "Service".

Contact & further questions

The LLB Portfolio Analysis FAQ is updated regularly. Do you have any questions that aren't yet included?

Call us or send us an e-mail. Your personal client advisor will be happy to help if you have any questions about LLB Portfolio Analysis.

Telephone +43 1 536 16-0
E-mail llb@llb.at

Table functions

Tables are displayed on each page of LLB Portfolio Analysis. Each table can be customised:

  • Change column order: drag and drop to change the order of the columns
  • Change column width: by clicking and dragging on the column separator, you can change the width of the columns
  • Show/hide columns: by clicking on the hamburger symbol in the column header or on the far right of the sidebar, you can choose to show or hide columns

With a right click (or by clicking on the three dots in the "Actions" column), each table can be exported in csv, xlsx, or html format. Certain tables can be grouped together via the sidebar on the far right or displayed in pivot mode.