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For us, sustainability is about more than just protecting the environment; it also means being a fair employer that ensures well-being and equal opportunities for its employees on the one hand and adds social value on the other.

Flexibility and stability go hand in hand

As an employer, we know that balanced employees are the key to top performance. Our flexible work models enable us to adapt to their changing needs as time goes on. There are multiple options for adapting working hours to suit individual circumstances. In this way, we create an attractive working environment and provide solutions that give employees an ideal mix of work and home life:

  • Up to 40 % homeworking
  • Part-time work models
  • Flexitime

Health and the work-life balance

We set standards for banking with values. Our workforce is our most important resource and one of our company’s prize assets. A systematic programme of occupational health management helps our employees to remain healthy and productive over the long term.

It’s not always easy to achieve a good work-life balance. LLB is aware of its responsibility as an employer and seeks to provide bespoke solutions for its employees.

We care about the well-being of our employees

It’s not just physical health that matters; mental health is also hugely important. The size of the team guarantees an ongoing dialogue between managers and employees. Regular employee appraisals, a structured onboarding process and regular employee surveys ensure an ongoing dialogue. If necessary, individual problems are recognised, addressed and joint solutions develop.

Employees and managers can also attend regular training courses and events aimed at clarifying mental health issues and how to combat them:

  • Dealing with fears, anxieties, and insecurities
  • Sleep and health
  • StressFit classes
  • Healthy leadership for managers
  • CoreFit and yoga classes