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Code of Conduct

Our understanding of transparency includes disclosing the rules which govern the way we do business. Our Code of Conduct defines our concept of integrity, which is based on our system of values.

Our Code of Conduct helps us to preserve the respect and credibility we have established with our clients, investors, and partners, as well as with the authorities and the public. It represents a set of guidelines for conducting ourselves correctly in our daily work – in all our target markets around the world.

The Code of Conduct is a voluntary self-regulation tool of the LLB Group. It contains rules that provide a binding description of the conduct desired from members of the Board of Directors, the Group Board of Management, as well as all managers and employees. It helps us to act responsibly in making the right choice when faced with possible questions or difficult situations. And it determines the way we think and act in accordance with legal, ethical, and social standards. Breaches of the rules can have various consequences.

Our reputation is our most important asset. In accordance with our corporate policy, employees can report breaches of laws, regulations, guidelines, and the Code of Conduct to responsible internal bodies. We encourage employees to report relevant breaches directly to their responsible line manager, the person of trust, or those responsible in Group Legal & Compliance. Such reports can be made confidentially and anonymously.