• Lightbulb Sustainability

Our vision

We aspire to act responsibly and establish values – for our company, for society and for the environment.

The climate crisis is currently the greatest but certainly not the only risk for future generations. It is worsening year by year, and the time window for successfully averting the worst consequences is closing increasingly quickly.

We want to be part of the solution and have therefore devised an ambitious sustainability and climate strategy that is designed to take the LLB Group along a climate-friendly and sustainable path with bespoke products and environmentally responsible banking. So that we don’t lose track of direction, we are also pursuing measurable targets and report transparently on our progress en route to achieving these targets.

All stakeholders are set to benefit from this – in keeping with our ’We set standards for banking with values’ mission.

Sustainability strategy of the LLB

Sustainability strategy of the LLB