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Your first choice as a reliable partner

Liechtensteinische Landesbank (Österreich) AG is Austria’s leading wealth management bank. As per 31 December 2022, it has been managing assets with a total value of about EUR 30 billion and employing more than 200 staff members. The bank is active on the Central and Eastern European markets as well as in Italy and in Germany.

Your first choice as a reliable partner

LLB Österreich is Austria’s leading wealth management bank, with assets under management totalling about EUR 30 billion and a staff of 200 as per 31 December 2022. The bank also has operations in the CEE markets as well as in Italy and in Germany. Domestic and foreign private clients, foundations, companies, institutional investors, as well as external asset managers value the bank’s services.

While LLB Österreich is an independent institution under Austrian law, it is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG in Vaduz (LLB). Being Liechtenstein's oldest financial institution, LLB has been a symbol of security and stability with a top-notch credit rating for 160 years. Since 2009, Austria has been the third major home market of LLB Group, alongside Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

The diversified business model of LLB Österreich is based on three solid pillars:

  • Wealth management and advisory services
  • Custodian banking and investment funds
  • Real estate

With outstanding expertise and utmost personal commitment, LLB Österreich’s experienced expert teams have been providing long-standing support to demanding clients in helping them reach their goals.

Award-winning success

LLB Österreich is proud to live up to its claim of being Austria's leading asset management bank. In the past few years, it has won numerous awards for its products and services. In the 2022 TOPS asset manager rating by the Fuchsbriefe publishing company LLB Österreich was rated "very good" in the "overall rating" category. The Austrian financial magazine "Der Börsianer" named LLB Österreich number 2 out of Austria's top private banks in 2022.

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