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Diversity and inclusion

We firmly believe that diversity breeds success – especially when it comes to the LLB Group’s senior management team. We offer all employees the same employment and promotion opportunities, irrespective of their gender, age, religion, nationality, ethnic background, sexual orientation or physical abilities.

We live diversity and inclusion every day through our corporate values:

  • We advocate diversity.
  • We treat each other as equals – without prejudice.
  • We act together and with foresight.
  • Diversity drives us forward.
Code of Conduct

The LLB focuses on two specific aspects: gender diversity and generation diversity.

Our ambitions:

  • To achieve a balanced gender ratio at all levels
  • To be an attractive employer for all generations

The LLB implements targeted measures to achieve its defined qualitative and quantitative objectives.

Our existing management processes are geared towards creating an inclusive corporate culture right from the time we first encounter a prospective colleague (from initial contact and recruitment to development and retention). This approach enables our employees to gain new perspectives and a vast wealth of knowledge.

But an inclusive corporate culture is only possible if we work together. A group of interested employees is working in consultation with Group Executive Management/Senior Management, focussing on the visibility and the ongoing further development of the measures for the defined focus topics.

"To be an attractive employer for all generations."

"To achieve a balanced gender ratio at all levels."

Adopting a range of perspectives allows us to ensure objectivity

The key feature of the PDP is that the assessment is not conducted by the direct supervisor alone; it has to be confirmed by a group of managers. This ensures objectivity beyond departmental boundaries and brings particularly talented employees to our attention. In this way, we are able to identify shining talents of a more reserved nature, who might otherwise slip under the radar.