• Lightbulb Sustainability

Our contribution

Society is facing a number of environmental challenges, and even the financial sector has a big responsibility to act.

This is a responsibility that we as LLB Group feel obliged to assume and want to fulfil. We as LLB Group want to be a net-zero emissions business by the year 2040. Our ACT-26 strategy and our interim targets will help us achieve this ambitious target.

Corporate activity

Sustainable business, one of the principles of our corporate strategy, is reflected in our values. Liechtensteinische Landesbank is therefore a reliable partner for people and business, particularly as an employer. A broad social commitment has likewise always been a key part of our business identity.

Transparent corporate governance

Integrity, performance and trust – the foundations of transparent and trustworthy governance. Our effective risk management, for which the Board of Directors defines the guiding principles and oversees corporate governance quality, also plays a part in this. We have applied the standards of the internationally recognised Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in our sustainability reporting since 2016.