• Footsteps in forest

Our banking operations

As a traditional Liechtenstein bank with strong roots in Austria and Switzerland, our operations have an impact on society and the environment. As LLB Group, we are aware of our responsibility throughout our organisation and our value chain and therefore pursue ambitious goals.

What have we achieved already?

  • Complete switchover to green electricity at our own buildings in Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland
  • Switchover from conventional gas to biogas in Liechtenstein
  • Introduction of a comprehensive mobility concept to incentivise the use of public transport at our largest location in Liechtenstein. The concept includes parking charges for motorists, cash benefits for those who refrain from using cars and subsidised travel cards for public transport
  • Switchover from conventional bulbs to LEDs
  • Introduction of a home-working strategy to reduce CO₂ emissions caused by our employees commuting by car
  • Systematic conversion of the LLB vehicle fleet in Liechtenstein to electric mobility
  • Awareness campaign in the employee restaurant, highlighting the benefits of regional, seasonal and vegetarian cuisine

Banking operations are to be realigned holistically and by means of a broad-based TBL (triple bottom line) approach. While emitters such as the employee restaurant and the waste system have only a negligible impact on the LLB Group’s CO₂e footprint, they still affect areas such as the environment and species conservation.

environmental awareness

The LLB Group's banking operations have produced net-zero emissions since 2021

The LLB defines banking operations as all material operating activities, excluding banking products and own investments. In this case, we distinguish between the following emitter groups:

  • Scope 1: the company’s direct emissions caused by operating facilities, company vehicles and processes, for example
  • Scope 2: purchased electricity, steam, heating and cooling for own consumption
  • Scope 3.1 to 3.14: upstream or downstream activities such as employee commuting, business trips, corporate waste, employee restaurant, purchased goods, etc.

LLB Group banking operations have produced net-zero emissions since 2021 – externally certified by the myclimate foundation. Although we have implemented numerous measures to reduce greenhouse gases in recent years, we had to chiefly rely on the purchase of CO₂ removal certificates from myclimate to achieve this interim goal.

The foundation uses the income it receives from the certificates to support CO₂-reducing projects in the region and worldwide, including reforestation initiatives in Western Uganda as well as the climate protection programme that uses fertile soils as natural CO₂ sinks in the Lake Constance region. As well as being good for the environment, these projects also benefit the local population and biodiversity.