LLB Group: a new brand for a confident future

Vienna, 18. September 2023. The LLB Group is unifying its brand identity. Going forward, all companies in the group will operate under the “LLB” brand. With its new logo and brand identity, the traditional bank will also be embracing a new look.

"With our new brand identity, we are moving closer together both in terms of our name and our look. This allows us to emphasise the fact that we are one company with shared values and a joint vision," explains Gabriel Brenna, CEO of the Group. Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG, Bank Linth LLB AG and Liechtensteinische Landesbank (Österreich) AG will from now on operate under the joint brand "LLB". Bank Linth will go by the name LLB (Schweiz) AG.

"We believe that this new brand will allow us to be even more successful in implementing our strategy and reinforcing our dual position both as the number one bank in Liechtenstein and the region and as a secure and sustainable international private bank," describes Group CEO Brenna. "The shortened version of the name is also more suitable for digital platforms." 

One of the world’s most trustworthy banks

"The new brand represents a modern, self-confident and future-facing LLB – an LLB that is as adept at face-to-face, traditional banking as it is at mastering the rapidly changing digital world," continues Brenna. "At the same time, it also clearly underlines what it is that sets us apart: LLB stands for the utmost stability and security and for value-driven banking. And, with our vision – 'we are one of the world’s most trustworthy banks', we are setting high standards for ourselves too."

A distinctive logo and a brand-new look

The change happening within the group will be reflected in the new LLB logo. The traditional bank will now be referred to by the already used abbreviation LLB. 1861 – the year the bank was founded – will become a distinctive component of the brand, creating a visible link between past and present. Together, these two components help to build a stable foundation of trust.

"The brand is distinctive, it stands out and is very memorable. And it has a simple and modern look," underlines Brenna. "Amongst the changes, the colour green will remain a key part of the logo alongside our founding year. This emphasises the strong heritage of LLB, which is something we are very proud of."

"I want a bank"

This brand transformation represents a significant moment in the history of the LLB Group. "Under the motto 'I want a bank', we are using our new image campaign as an opportunity to unite our many years of experience with the specific needs of our clients," explains the CEO of the Group. The result of this new orientation is a dynamic and contemporary brand design which goes hand-in-hand with a revived overall experience.